Skate Rentals are $4
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Please call to schedule your parties.
Private rink rentals are available.

Kids Skate Free passes are valid on Sunday and Tuesday regular sessions. They are not valid for special events.
KSF has an annual fee of $4. Sign up or Renew at

Special Events and Skate Sessions

September 3rd- Customer Appreciation Skate (Free Admission)

September 11th- Free Slime with Admission

September 15th- Trolls

September 18th- Throwback Skate (90’s and 2000s)

September 21st- 7pm-11pm – Late Night Teen Glow Party (Admission $10)

September 22nd- Princess Skate

September 25th- Scout Night

Need specific information on an event, schedule or just feel like suggesting an event? Give us a holler! Fill out the form below, and our friendly staff will respond shortly!