FUN Physical Fitness!

1 Hour of STEM Education
2 Hours of Physical Fitness through Roller Skating!

Education and Fun, All Rolled Into One!

A unique educational experience that gets students EXCITED about learning! Students will learn how the concepts of SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATH can be found in everyday experiences, even FUN experiences like ROLLER SKATING!

Our lessons are designed not only to help students recognize STEM concepts are in everyday activities, but to show how STEM is both FUN & EXCITING!

Field trip costs are $9.00 per student*; includes STEM lesson, Skate Rental, and 2 hours of skate time. You can add on lunch options. Teachers and Chaperones are FREE. (*50 student minimum or $450 for groups of less than 50 students)

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Science of Skating

Students will learn about the parts of a roller skate and how each part functions to make the skate. They will discuss how surfaces of the rink are made of different materials and how that affects the skate in motion. Students will think like an engineer and begin the design process for a new skate.

Laws of Motion

Students will learn about Newton’s three laws, how they relate to the real world, including rollerskating; and experiment to see how mass plays a role in motion.

Music, Math & Skating

Students will count the beats of music played at the rink, and learn how music affects the speed of the skater. They will learn about pitch frequency, and the speakers that are used to bring the music to the rink.

Science of Lighting

Students will learn about the different wavelengths of lighting, how light travels, and how lighting is used at the roller rink.

Heart, Health, & Fitness

Students will learn about basic human biology and how the body works from the inside out, Students will focus on heart related anatomy, nutrition, and exercise. Students will have fun experimenting with activities that will raise and lower their heart rate.

Formulas Fitness & Fun

Students will learn how math concepts can be found all over the skating rink. Students will use mean, median, and mode to talk about the skate sizes, and study how geometry helps with the flow of the rink.

Science of Roller Hockey

Students will learn how STEM plays a very large part in sports, specifically roller hockey. they will learn how different kinds of motion can make a difference in the outcome of the game. They will also learn how the skates used in roller hockey work.

Arcade STEM

Students will learn about the science, math and engineering of arcade games at the rink. they will measure their reaction time, calculate the probability of simple games, and categorize the types of arcade games.

Physics of Artistic Skate

Students will learn how science, math, and the arts blend together in artistic roller skating. they will study the physics behind jumps and spins, and how the skater uses music, dance, and precision to create art.